Track Amazon Prices

Have you ever wanted to buy an amazon product, but only when it goes on sale? Well we've got the answer.

Quick Summary

Find a product on that you want to buy and follow these steps.

  1. Grab the product URL
  2. Paste it into our search box
  3. Tell us the price you want to pay for it

Your part is now done. We'll keep checking the price and send you an email when it hits your target. You don't have to do anything. It's that simple.

Gritty Details

Still here? Thirsting for more knowledge? The devil is in the details, so they say. Well good on you, read on.

What online sites do you track prices for?

Right now we're hyper focused on tracking prices for products on

Doesn't Amazon already provide price tracking?

No, unfortunately they don't. That's the reason we started this site. We wanted to know the price history of products and wanted to buy them at discounts. We started the price tracking for ourselves and our friends since it was so much easier than constantly checking the website. So that's what we do.


Email price alert

Alerts sent to your inbox

We do the hard work of checking prices and send you an email when to buy.

No registration required

No signup required

When you find a product you want to track, tell us your price target and an email where we can send alerts. That's it. Easy, peasy.


Free to use

Using the price tracker doesn't cost you anything. We participate in the Amazon affiliate program.

No install

Nothing to install

Just use your browser, you don't have to install anything. We work best with the latest version of Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Firefox. MS Internet Explorer and MS Edge may work but may also have small issues.

Price history graphs

Price history and statistics

Price history graphs make it much easier to decide on a price target. See the minimum and maximum prices the product has sold for in the past.

Get Started Now

Jump in by browsing for products. You'll also be able to search for something specific. Either way, when you find a product you want to track, enter in your email and your price target and we'll do the rest.

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