Privacy Policy

Last Modified: May 16, 2016, hereinafter referred to as the website, has created this privacy policy.

The website will not sell, rent, share or give away any of your personal information without your consent. It is our policy that any personal information provided to us by you is personal and private. Simple as that.

Information we collect

We collect your email address if you sign up for tracking alerts on products. We don't share or sell that email address. It is only used for providing you tracking alerts and information related to them.

Information our partners collect

The website uses a number of partners to provide you the best possible experience. Some of them use cookies to provide customization and/or analytics to help us serve you better. We'll outline them below.


We use Google for analytics, marketing and advertising.

  • We use Google Advertising cookies
  • We use Google Analytics cookies
  • We use Google Session State cookies
  • The previous mentioned cookies support the following:
    • Google Display Network Impression Reporting
    • Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reporting
    • Integrated services that require Google Analytics to collect data via advertising cookies and anonymous identifiers
  • Users can learn more about Google's cookie types and how to opt out of them.
  • Users can opt-out of Google Analytics by using this browser add-on.


We use Facebook for analytics, marketing and advertising. They install cookies to support this and you can learn more about them.


We use Cloudflare as our Content Delivery Network provider. They install cookies to provide security for both our website and you as a user. It does not correspond to any userid in the website and does not contain any personally identifiable information.

Law Enforcement

It is unlikely, but possible, that we may be required by court order to provide information about our users to third parties. The website may also be required to provide information pursuant to law, applicable regulation, subpoena or other legal process. It is our corporate policy to ensure adherence to the due process of law in all such legal requests. If we are required to provide information under these circumstances, we will, whenever possible, attempt to inform users whose information we are compelled to produce.

European Union (EU) user consent policy

At this time the website only does business with people residing in the United States so it does not have the full set of pieces necessary to comply with EU regulations on data collection, sharing or usage.

EU visitors should be aware of this and not use the website. Any use of the website on their part, will be considered implied consent to data collection.