June 1, 2017

30 Uses for WD40: It's Not Just for Squeaky Doors! Clever and Frugal Repair Ideas

bike chain

WD40 is an exciting product. It even comes in a new exciting container with a stick spray that is removable to accomodate versatile applications! Here are 30 great uses for WD40.

  1. Lubricates luggage and purse zippers that seem to get sticky.

  2. Loosens the crank arms on old windows.

  3. Can be used to coat wire tomato plant cages and other metal garden stakes to keep insects away.

  4. Removes stuborn stickers from crystal and glass.

  5. Lubricates motorcycle chains and bicycle chains as well as garage door chains.

WD-40 12oz. Aerosol

WD-40 12oz. Aerosol Can with Smart Straw (3-Pack)

  • Straw for getting into small spaces
  • Smart straw allows spray or stream
  • none
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  1. Keeps garden tools and knives from rusting.

  2. Lubricates nail guns, electric pencil sharpeners, hacksaw blades, hole punches, hydro locks on recliner chairs, and much more.

  3. Keeps ice skate blades from getting rust.

  4. Polishes and protects boat rails.

  5. Is great for cleaning both golf balls and cleaning and protecting golf clubs.

WD-40 Bike Frame

WD-40 Bike Frame Protectant

  • Makes the bike shine like when it was new
  • Protects the finish from dirt, dust and grime
  • Have to wash the bike first
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  1. Cleans volleyballs, dice, and unwanted printer toner that spills on your printer.

  2. Will loosen up stuck keys on a keyboard musical instrument such as a piano or organ.

  3. Protects pool and patio furniture from harsh seasonal changes.

  4. Removes rust from old curtain rods.

  5. Will remove ink stains from leather and carpet.

  6. Will remove crayon stains from toys.

  7. Is great for removing decals from showers and bath tubs

  8. Is great for lubricating rolling toys.

  9. Will clean up tape marks left as residue where posters have been hung.

  10. Cleans the holes of bowling balls.

WD-40 490095

WD-40 490095 Multi-Use Lubricant Product with Big-Blast Spray 18 oz (Pack of 12)

  • Wide mouth spray nozzle covers a big area quickly
  • Cleans and lubricates while driving out moisture
  • Not for small areas
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  1. Prevents fishing poles and fishing flies from getting rusty.

  2. Helps keep paint on metal equipment clean and shiny.

  3. Is great for protecting a basemall mitt in storage or not being used for a while.

  4. Is great for lubricating a rusted umbrella.

  5. Can remove crayon marks from chalk board, plastic tables and screen doors.

  6. Great for cleaning barbecue grills at the end of the season.

  7. Can lubricate the pull out handles on your rolling airport luggage.

  8. Can help your lawnmower wheels keep rolling smoothly.

  9. Removes coffee stains from ceramic floor tile.

  10. Prevents corrosion and rust on your stored drill bits.

WD40 even makes a no mess pen now too!

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