February 26, 2017

Do It Yourself Energy Savings Projects

The US Department of Energy (DOE) has put together a set of videos showing projects you can do around your house to save energy.

For example, did you know that lowering your water heater temperature can save you money? Yeah, it turns out that keeping a big container of water constantly heated to a high temperature on the off chance you might take a bath anytime in 24 hours is a bit over the top. Lower the temperature on it a bit and you could be saving.

Some projects are really quick, easy and can be done by people who don't know much about home repair. The projects are:

  • Lowering your water heater temperature
  • Insulating hot water pipes
  • Insulating your hot water tank
  • Installing exterior storm windows with low-E coating
  • Sealing air leaks with caulk
  • Weatherstripping double-hung (or sash) windows
  • Building an attic stairs cover box
  • Insulating and air sealing floors over unconditioned garages

Check out all the projects and videos for more.