It was dark and isolated in this back alley. Nobody was around and it was quiet. You could hear the hum of the streetlights.

Suddenly, you hear footsteps. A lady approaches. She looks at you and says "the dog barks at midnight." Whew! Relieved, you utter the correct response. She's the contact you've been waiting for. She hands you a briefcase and tells you that things got a little hot. She wasn't able to get the code.

In the distance, alarms have just started blaring. Oh no! You've got to get out of here, but you can't take the briefcase or you'll be discovered. You'll have to crack the code here and now.

As she leaves, the lady whispers a warning. "The briefcase may self destruct after ten failed attempts." "Good luck!" Great. You're on your own now. Crack the code, so you can get inside the briefcase and get out of here.

Game Instructions

The briefcase latch requires a 4 character code such as 'a b c d' to open. You have to get the correct character, in the correct position. There can be duplicates, so the code could be 'a a a a'. But then again, it might not. Use the notepad to help you crack the code.


The makers of the briefcase were so confident in it being unbreakable, that they provided a display that shows your last attempts. Every time you try to open the latch it will evaluate the code and give you the results.

The info on the display breaks down as follows:

  • Attempt
    The current attempt number. Remember, if you fail too many times the briefcase may not like it.
  • Scratchpad
    An area that you can keep mark positions to help you keep track of which characters/positions may be correct. Use it however you want.
  • Guess
    Shows you your previous guesses. How handy is that?!?
  • Matches
    Tells you how many of the characters are correct and in the correct position. But it won't tell you which ones.
  • Close
    Number of characters that are correct, but in the wrong position.


Midnight Dogs is based on the game bulls and cows.