Eco-Friendly Cleaning: Less is More

May 12, 2017

girl in laundromat

It is all too easy to simply pour detergents and other cleaners straight from the pack into the machine or bucket. But, by doing so we really have no idea how much of anything we are using. Even the greenest of green cleaning product has some effect on the planet and our purses. Your laundry detergent may well be an organic cleaner but it still took resources to create, packaging to hold and transportation to get to you. Spend a few dollars on some measuring cups and spoons and save many dollars over your lifetime of housework! Guessing volumes always leads to wastage, so one of the top ways to make your cleaning eco friendly is to become more frugal and start measuring the amount of all the cleaners you use.

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Frugal Gardening

May 11, 2017

sunflower garden

Gardening can be very costly if you choose to go different paths to have one. If you choose to hire landscape companies you will spend a fortune trying to have a vegetable or flower garden. However, frugal gardening is possible if you know where to look and what to do. Frugal gardening is gardening with the absolute basics. From tools to seeds, everything can be found either free or cheap. Your tools for your garden do not need to be brand new from a hardware store. Check out your local thrift shops and Salvation Army type stores to find what you will need. If you can't find exactly what you are looking for, see if you cannot find something that will work for you for the time being and keep searching out the stores for what you are looking for.

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Bathroom Scale Buying Guide

May 5, 2017

old timey scale

Whew, your taxes are finally done and it's made your wallet a little slimmer. In fact, you know exactly how much slimmer because it says so on the 1040 form. Now how about you. When was the last time you weighed yourself? Maybe it's been a while? Yeah? That's how I was. I went a good few years before I hopped on the scale and boy was I in for a surprise! I had gained a LOT of weight.

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Paying Off Loans Explained

April 19, 2017

dollar bills

Today we're going to talk about loans. In an ideal world we wouldn't have any loans because we would be saving up money to buy things outright. But that's not always possible. Things like college, a home and sometimes even that 65" TV1, force us to take out a loan now and pay it back over time. Sometimes life throws you a wrench and you have medical bills so large that you have to pay them over time. Whatever the reason, most people have loans.

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Buying a Snow blower

April 13, 2017

cherry blossoms

It's April and most people have little tax collecting cherubs dancing around their heads. The lucky ones have already filed their taxes and are awaiting precious refunds while the rest are biding their time to reluctantly pay at the very last minute possible.

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