Free Museum Visits

June 29, 2017

man viewing painting

There's something special about visiting a museum. The fact that others took great care to collect, curate and present art and other objects in a way that is engaging and educational is pretty awesome. I've loved museums since I was a kid.

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4 Date Ideas for $20 or Less

June 28, 2017

couple and city lights

Dating can be an expensive ordeal. Traditionally, a date night would consist of dinner and some other form of entertainment, usually taking hours of one's time and enough money to keep the more frugal among us from even wanting to go out. This can especially be a challenge for married couples looking to save their money. Finding affordable ways to go out doesn't mean having any less, fun, however. It simply means that you'll have to get a little more creative than "dinner and a movie." The extra effort, however, will pay off in more than just a few saved dollars. You may find that some of the best dates you'll ever go on will cost around $20.00, or even less. Spending loads of cash doesn't mean that you or your date will have any more fun that evening. We've all been to fancy restaurants where we ordered $40.00 meals that we ended up hating, or going to mediocre concerts where the tickets were $50.00 a pop. When it comes to having a great time, it's the experience that matters, not the amount of money spent. Therefore, the following date ideas, though not pricey, may afford you and your date time together that is more special than the cash you'd have otherwise missed.

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30 Uses for WD40: It's Not Just for Squeaky Doors! Clever and Frugal Repair Ideas

June 1, 2017

bike chain

WD40 is an exciting product. It even comes in a new exciting container with a stick spray that is removable to accomodate versatile applications! Here are 30 great uses for WD40.

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Frugal Summer Food - Have Your Summer Cookouts and Save Money

May 29, 2017

grilling food

Summer time isn't all about food, but it can seem like it sometimes! It can get expensive with all the quick foods and snacks and an on-the-go lifestyle that summer brings. Don't let it break your grocery budget - you can still serve good food - made frugally by you. Here are three ways to cut the costs of summer food.

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Eco-Friendly Cleaning: Less is More

May 12, 2017

girl in laundromat

It is all too easy to simply pour detergents and other cleaners straight from the pack into the machine or bucket. But, by doing so we really have no idea how much of anything we are using. Even the greenest of green cleaning product has some effect on the planet and our purses. Your laundry detergent may well be an organic cleaner but it still took resources to create, packaging to hold and transportation to get to you. Spend a few dollars on some measuring cups and spoons and save many dollars over your lifetime of housework! Guessing volumes always leads to wastage, so one of the top ways to make your cleaning eco friendly is to become more frugal and start measuring the amount of all the cleaners you use.

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